Hey guys I’d just like to address a few things here today. I am of course looking forward to the release of the A thousand suns album. However I feel like there’s a little bit of an issue between the fans. There is some separation going on in the fan base due to the approval and disapproval of the new single. I personally love The Catalyst but I have heard quite a few people dislike it. Now I know were not all going to like the same thing and everyone doesn’t have to like everything they do. I feel thought that if you don’t like it you should express so in a respectful way. The guys work really hard and it’s hard for an artist to challenge themselves without taking risk. Also those of us who love it should also be respectful to the people that don’t. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Mostly, it seems, the fans that do like it are those who are left coming back for more due to the constant change of sound. So please let’s all just be one big Linkin Park family again.